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National Association of Diocesan Advisers in Women’s Ministry


Welcome to the NADAWM website. NADAWM is the National Association of Diocesan Advisers in Women’s Ministry and is a network within the Church of England.

When the Church of England made the decision to ordain women as priests it saw the need for each Diocese to have an Adviser in Women’s Ministry. Their role would be to act as advocates on behalf of women clergy and to brief Bishops and Senior Staff teams on all issues faced by ordained women. Today nearly every Diocese has such an adviser: sometimes called a Dean of Women’s Ministry, sometimes a Bishop’s Adviser in Women’s Ministry. Each is licensed by her Diocesan Bishop and works alongside diocesan colleagues and within the structures of the Church of England.

NADAWM exists to support all women clergy in achieving their full potential for the sake of the mission of the Church. We envisage a Church of England where we will be free to contribute at all levels. With the women of our Dioceses we work towards that by: equipping ourselves to the best of our ability for our individual roles; encouraging one another to explore the breadth and depth of our gifts; identifying where the contributions of women are constrained by the existing culture, habits and structures of the Church and working to effect change in those areas.

There is currently an overarching initiative within the Church of England focussing on the experience and deployment of female clergy. This is known as the Transformations Agenda. You can find details of this on the page of this site headed Women’s Ministry. Other pages carry News, Resources and Contact details for all members of NADAWM.

Welcome to our website. Please feel free to use the variety of resources that you will find here.