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National Association of Diocesan Advisers in Women’s Ministry

May 2016 and 8 Women Bishops consecrated with 2 more next month!

Libby Lane, Bishop of Stockport consecrated 26 January 2015

Alison White, Bishop of Hull consecrated 3 July 2015

Sarah Mullaly, Bishop of Crediton consecrated 22 July 2015

Rachel Treweek, Bishop of Gloucester consecrated 22 July 2015

Anne Hollinghurst, Bishop of Aston consecrated 29 September 2015

Ruth Worsley, Bishop of Taunton consecrated 29 September 2015

Christine Hardman, Bishop of Newcastle 30 November 2015

Karen Gorham Bishop of Sherborne 24 February 2016

Jan McFarlane Bishop of Repon to be consecrated 29 June 2016

Jo Bailey Wells Bishop of Dorking to be consecrated 29 June 2016